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Alpha Chi Omega is a member of the Davis College Panhellenic Association, which oversees all National Panhellenic Chapters at UC Davis, and which is also responsible for running Formal Fall Recruitment for all Panhellenic sororities.

REgister for recruitment today!

If you are interested in registering for Panhellenic Recruitment, please follow this link:

Interested in panhellenic recruitment?

Please refer to the official UCD Panhellenic Website for everything that you need to know about the formal recruitment process including dates, registration, and chapter directory.

Recruitment Tips: 

  • Be YOU: The house you'll want to join is the house that embraces the real you. Show off your goofy side and interests; every chapter wants to see your unique personality!

  • Be open-minded: Whether unsure about joining a sorority at all, or hearing talk about a certain house, what matters is letting your personal experience make the decision. Give recruitment a try (you'll make tons of friends whether or not you pledge), and leave other opinions at the door. Every house is full of incredible women who would love to have you as a sister!

  • Relax: Everyone gets nervous going through recruitment, but it's important to remain positive and treat the experience as what it is: a FUN way to meet hundreds of amazing women and start lifelong friendships before classes even start! Make sure to treat every sister you meet as an equal and potential friend, instead of someone to impress. Once the second-guessing goes away, you can feel confident in knowing that the chapter you choose is where you truly belong.

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